BH Opening Statement, Straight Egyptian Stallion




We love Arabians, and we love what we do.  That is the bottom line.  But, we also love to share them with others.  Whether you are looking for your first horse, or a seasoned professional to take you to the winner's circle again, we encourage you to come visit or check out our sales page.  Updated sale and stallion videos are also available on our Youtube channel at   


Owner Jéanne Abernathy brings a combination of outside business and horse experience. She has been a student of the breed since starting riding lessons at age 8, and has been a dedicated breeder since 2003.  She enjoys the history of Straight Egyptian Arabians, and how their role in the world has been archived over the centuries through art and literature.


There are a lot of breeders who can help you fulfill your dream with Arabians. The difference with Brookhill is that we want you to be happy with your decision to purchase a horse from us.  We will be brutally honest in our assessment of our horses to ensure you make an informed decision.  Honesty is at the heart of all our relationships. Integrity is the basis of how we treat each other, how we treat the horses, and how we treat our clients, whether down the street or around the globe.

BH Summitt, 2007 straight Egyptian geldingSahara Rimala
Flash Fire SC, champion sport horse in handBH American Girl, bred by Brookhill and exported to EgyptNordic Britanna and daughter BH Sitarra, tail female to Deenaa    
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